Wednesday , August 31 2016

The most remarkable women of the last century


The twentieth century was a time of emancipation and empowerment of women. The fair sex in new ways opens the possibilities, sometimes demonstrating remarkable talents and embodying the most daring and extravagant plans. Nadezhda Krupskaya “My wife and ally of Lenin” – this status is firmly established with Nadezhda Krupskaya. …

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A St. Petersburg man shot his wife on the hunt


37-year-old woman received a wound in the intestines and the spine. According to preliminary information, 39-the summer inhabitant of Sochi forgot the gun was loaded, the shot was an accident. The Academy “Operational cover”, writes that the incident happened in the afternoon of 30 August in the village of Victory …

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Named foods that contain hidden sugar


To them should be treated with extreme caution. 1. Quick-cooking cereals All told, oatmeal for Breakfast is helpful. Useful flakes but only a long preparation. Porridge-a second contains 17 grams of sugar (in the medium) per 100 g of product. This is excluding the fact that you can sweeten the …

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Surreal paintings inspired by the works of Tim Burton. Photo


They are emotional and mysterious. Among all clinicians-psychologists in the world, is wrong, no one will ever match the talent of creating gorgeous digital painting with Frenchman Cyril Rolando (Rolando Ciryl). Working under the pseudonym Aquasixio, he focuses mainly its works on the emotional aspects of the person and the …

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Oil is trying to recover after the collapse


Oil prices are trying to recover after sharp fall on Tuesday. On the eve on the side of “bears” was and statistics, and statements of various officials, and, of course, the strengthening of the dollar. Let us begin with the latest inventories data from the American petroleum Institute. The statistics …

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Evelina Bledans others admired his abs


The Russian artist in the 47 years can give odds to any young girl. Evelina Bledans with two sons, one 22 years and one 4 years old and he has down syndrome. Despite the difficulties the artist faced after the birth of youngest son, she lowers her hands and moves …

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