Friday , October 20 2017

Works for whom “PLATON”


Good day to all. Frankly, after a speech in the House of Commons in December 2016, almost did not go to the website of the “Plato” system of collecting money for travel on Federal roads of trucks with a permissible maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes. There was no need. Show …

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The main weakness of Putin


Russia is generally considered a strong state. Therefore, the international community has allowed Russia to escape serious punishment for military aggression in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. Moscow got only limited sanctions. But in fact, the Kremlin is very vulnerable. Since coming to power in 2000, President Vladimir Putin held …

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The launch of the new pension system is under threat


The Bank of Russia has warned about the risks for the introduction of the new pension system, namely the implementation of the concept of Individual pension capital (PKI). This was stated by the Chairman of the regulator Vladimir chistyukhin, reports TASS. According to him, to run the IPK from 2019, …

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“Rosneft” can forget about the fields of Kirkuk?


The Iraqi oil Ministry plans to increase daily oil production at fields in Kirkuk to a million barrels. This was stated by the Minister of oil of Iraq Jabbar al-Luaibi. “Iraq intends to sign contracts with foreign oil company to increase oil production at the oilfields of Kirkuk to more …

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Kiev lets Gazprom the world


Thursday, 19 October the court of Kiev allowed to recover from the property of “Gazprom” of $ 6.4 billion fine. This was announced by the Minister of justice of Ukraine Pavel Petrenko. According to him, the judgment will be published in a few days. “The economic court of Kyiv satisfied …

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Why is the fourth term for Putin as unconstitutional


When twice two is not four. Vladimir Shepherds: the problem is not in the Constitution, the problem is in the deception Why is the fourth term for Putin as unconstitutional   Once the constitutionality of Vladimir Putin’s presidency in a natural way is a derivative of the constitutionality of the …

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Nokia 7: premium design and a very reasonable price


Holding Global HMD has kept his promise and released another Nokia – this time it is the right smartphone Nokia 7 of the middle segment. This monoblock was designed from the older and more expensive models, and it looks admittedly nice, but is he cheaper than A-brands, quite on the …

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