Tuesday , September 27 2016

7 reasons why national cinema does not attract the viewer

My name is Arthur and I do the so-called strategic planning of marketing in the domestic film industry. This is when another stage preproduction we, along with producer begin to figure how to “sell” the film to potential audiences: the distributors and the expert Council of Fund of cinema, to …

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Nutritionists have made a week-long healthy diet


A sample diet diet, which will help to improve digestion and burn extra pounds. When choosing a diet for each person must consider the age, weight, calorie consumption in day, individual food preferences. The menu for seven days, which the following is a basic option that is suitable for everyone, …

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The coins of Ancient Rome and the Ottoman Empire


On the Japanese island of Okinawa, archaeologists found ten coins of Ancient Rome and the Ottoman Empire. The coin was discovered by a researcher from the Department of cultural valuables of the temple, Gangō-JI, Toshio Tsukamoto, he came to the castle for the analysis of Japanese artifacts. Archaeologist have found …

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In this case a famous actor outdid Tina Kandelaki


Maxim Matveev has demonstrated his abilities by telling some difficult tongue twisters in a row. To this day, Tina Kandelaki believed the only person in show business who knows how to speak incredibly fast. As it turned out, not one Slime has the ability, today it is proved that the …

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The U.S. Secretary of defense raises nuclear stakes


  It’s not even nonsense, and not Orwell, that’s a whole other planet. Get the strong feeling the beginning of training information to the incident with a nuclear weapon.   The Pentagon believes the most likely possibility is a large-scale nuclear war, and the use of Russian or DPRK’s small …

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Addiction to these drinks can cause cancer


Doctors advise to reduce the consumption of soda. Two serving of carbonated drinks or sweet juices twice daily increase the risk of developing gallbladder cancer, and the chance of occurrence of cancer in the bile ducts of the liver grows by 79 percent. To this conclusion during extensive and prolonged …

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