Saturday , October 1 2016

Alina Grosu “lit up” at the party of Putin’s favorite singer


Svetlana Loboda and Alina Grosu congratulated Grigory Leps with the anniversary.Just recently, the controversial Russian singer Grigory Leps, who was forbidden to go to London, threw a lavish party on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of his eponymous production center, which guests become stars of Russia, and also the …

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It is worth seeing London from a bird’s flight. Photo


The Work Of Jeffrey Milstein. Photographer Jeffrey Milstein in just one hour managed to take some stunning shots of London from a helicopter. Had to act quickly, while the capital of England was enveloped in the twilight. British Museum. Westminster Abbey. Smithfield Market. Piccadilly. Trafalgar square. Covent Garden. Station Waterloo. …

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Hurricane Matthew” increased to the fourth category


To the Caribbean and the United States is approaching a powerful hurricane. Hurricane “Matthew” in the Caribbean intensified on Friday to the fourth category, according to the national center for monitoring hurricanes in the USA. The wind speed within the hurricane reaches 220 kilometers per hour, it threatens Jamaica, and …

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In Paris presented the updated sedan Lexus IS


Prices and specifications of new items will be announced closer to start of sales. In Paris presented the updated sedan Lexus IS 2017 model year. Representatives of the Japanese premium brand within the international automotive exhibition showed the public option is the vehicle for Europe, which will soon go on …

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Brad pitt made a surprise announcement


The popular actor is now a very difficult period in my life. Brad pitt has said it will make a pause in your career and will miss the Prime Minister voiced the documentary “Journey of time”. “I am very happy that I took part in this exciting educational project, but …

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Effective exercise pain in the lower back


What to do if you get sick too.Lower back pain is probably familiar to almost every modern man. When the ambulance this is an exercise from Pilates, says star coach Anita Lutsenko. 1. Feet on the width of the basin.2. The knees slightly to prosohnut.3. Pull the spine up over …

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