Tuesday , August 30 2016

Putin and Crimea


The Rio Olympics is over, but predicted the West and Stalin’s war or the fact that Crimea is and has not begun. Actually, who predicted the war, and that it encourages, prepares, posing as the victim, and Vice versa. Putin came in August in the Crimea, as last year, but …

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English continues to shit


  Since the beginning of the XVIII century, our first Emperor Peter the Great fought with Europe that Russia took its rightful place in world politics. This struggle continued for the whole century, and ended with a glorious victory of Russia over the European coalition, led by Napoleon and the …

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Russia, we shall find


Victor Militarev tries to guess the character “of the country, returned home.” I am very pleased with reader reactions to my last column (“Lost chance of Russia”. And read the text a lot of people, and a lot of comments. Moreover, among the comments I would particularly noted are not …

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Recalcitrant Russia


Recalcitrant Russia. How often so called Russia for its devotion to its ideals and its partners, and those whom she held out a hand. Yes we are talking about Syria. The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault again called on Russia to “intractable” in the Syrian issue. His …

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A throne or a prison?


Hillary Clinton faces a prison instead of the chair of the US President The longer Hillary Clinton leads the election campaign for President of the United States, the more it occurs around loud and extremely unpleasant scandals. In General, nothing new, no one will know: Yes, the Clintons corrupt, Yes, …

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Turkey came without an invitation


This week, Turkish troops together with units of the Free Syrian army (FSA) and supported by aircraft of the Western coalition began in Syria an operation called “shield of the Euphrates” in order to free from militants of the terrorist “Islamic state” the city Dzharablus. 25 Aug Ankara said that …

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The Inquisitr: is the newest weapon from aliens


The striking power of the Russian weapons found an explanation. At least, so says the Inquisitr. Recalling the prominent conspiracy theorists, the publication writes that Moscow receives technology from the aliens. Supposedly, with their help, she disabled the equipment of the destroyer USS Donald Cook, thereby causing trauma to the …

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Worst nightmare for the U.S. military, the war simultaneously with Russia and China


<address class=”article-magazine article-header-magazine-top”>The National Interest, USA</address> the <small>© AP Photo Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Pool</small> 28.08.2016 Robert Farley (Robert Farley) At the end of last decade, the United States abandoned its doctrine of “two wars” which is often misunderstood and which has been developed as a reference scheme with the aim …

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Coined money with the image of Vladimir Putin


Know what it is? This is a new coin 50 francs minted in Cameroon! The coin denominations of 50 CFA francs, minted by the Central Bank of the Republic of Cameroon. It depicts the President of Russia on the background of the Earth. Money sensation from Africa Russian collectors are …

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The Ukrainian army, which is not


  Parade in Kiev gave new food for different kinds of disputes and calculations. Inspired by “the latest technology” Ukrainians really believe that their army is ready to meet with mighty rebuff the aggressor. Or at least to cause very significant losses, which will make it.” sorry about the attack …

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