Thursday , June 29 2017

Profits in non-oil sector of the economy continues to fall


According to Rosstat, the Russian economy continues to increase its raw roll, ignoring the declarations of officials about the need to treat its dependence on oil and gas The profitability of any business in the Russian Federation, except for extraction of minerals and their transportation abroad, is rapidly declining for …

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Rosstat data on industrial growth has been a fiction


Industrial production growth in Russia, which reports to Rosstat, is the result of manipulation with the method of counting data, confident and independent economists If you use the same methodology that was active until November of 2016, Russian industry remains in the red, compared with 2014, while signs of recovery …

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Dyed Xiaomi smartphone Mi Max 2 black


Relatively recently, the company Xiaomi unveiled a new smartphone Mi Max 2 with a very large screen. This model immediately found one major drawback — it came only in the gold color of the case, and even with a white front panel that immediately cut off 90% of potential buyers. …

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Smartphone Moto Z2 Play got Russian price


Lenovo announced the price of the smartphone Moto Z2 Play on the Russian market. It was very reckless on her part — first, to release a cell phone in our country there is still a lot of time, and secondly, the filling is not worth the money he asked for. …

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The Putin era: oil painting


If we organize our political life, it turns out “landscape of despair”. But hopelessness is worse the crisis, the collapse or revolution, for it may be endless… Well, see for yourself what is and what we live with: 1. The autocracy. After the exhaustion of its sacredness and Ideas (of …

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Roskomnadzor announced the receipt of fake data Telegram

Roskomnadzor has sent the three false notices of inclusion Telegram in the register of the organizers of disseminating information. This office reported in “Vkontakte”. “It is established that messages with appeals to send “fake” notifications from the entity Internet companies spread through Twitter users and owners of the Telegram-channels”, – …

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