Friday , August 26 2016

Scientists will learn to raise the dead


Scientists from the American company Humai came to the conclusion that by 2045 they will be able to create a body of work and learn to raise the dead. The plans of the Americans in the next three decades to create a special bionic body. In it, the developers transplanted …

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Thinner Alla Pugacheva Shine on holiday in Jurmala

7edec311480fb9a7d173b60cbc2da812, Now Alla Pugacheva together with children spends a vacation in Jurmala. However, to see the light of the star does not forget. 15 Aug Diva, leaving the heirs to a nanny, attended a concert of his colleague and good friend Igor Nikolaev. Then the artist went to …

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Foods that help teeth stay healthy and white


Dentist Dr. Harold Katz recommends that to maintain health and whiteness of your teeth more likely to eat dark chocolate, strawberries and drink green tea. The specialist explained that these products eliminate the plaque formed overnight, thereby helping the teeth to remain white and healthy. Chocolate contains a compound theobromine, …

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The magic word “Department”


Officials relished the idea to relate all the unhappy socio-economic policy of the Russians to “agents of Washington” Speaking recently to the residents of Avtozavodsky district, Samara region, head of the region Nikolai Merkushkin accused left without wages of employees of the company “Avtovazagregat” in relations with the US state …

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Media: Iran will participate in the September OPEC meeting


The Minister of oil of Iran Bijan Namdar Zanganeh on Thursday confirmed that it will participate in the September OPEC meeting in Algeria, according to Iranian news Agency SHANA. Iran, third largest oil producer of OPEC, sends positive signals that may participate in a joint effort to support the oil …

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