Sunday , July 24 2016

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of postpartum depression


Welfare mental health for women after childbirth is a serious problem. Breastfeeding can significantly reduce the risk of postpartum depression, showed a large-scale study with the participation of 14 thousand young mothers, as reported online edition for girls and women from 14 to 35 years. The researchers studied the cases …

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Fashion experiment: Shakira showed shocking photos


The singer has dared at cardinal change of image. Shakira has published on his page in the microblog photo taken at the beauty salon, where she painted hair. Famous Colombian singer Shakira, who 2 February, celebrated its 39th and published in honor of the occasion in the microblog photo, which …

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As a committed scientific revolution?

I want to start this topic with a quote of the great Russian physiologist Alexei Ukhtomsky from his book “Dominant”. “So, what exceptional originality of Garvey in the history of world science and what is actually this, quite original in his writings, which really did not have the physiology that …

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