Saturday , August 27 2016

“Sick, you have Ukraine…”


  And, again, came to Ekaterinburg Herr Steinmeier: Lavrov to meet on international policy conversation. After the failed coup in Turkey and the failed terrorist attacks in the Crimea they have something to talk with the “friend Sergey”. The trouble is that most of the conversation concerned the poor area …

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NATO in search of the enemy: that the Alliance spends money


23 August the head of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces of the United States General Joseph Dunford expressed concerns about Russia’s actions in Crimea, supposedly its threats against Georgia and Moldova, and assistance to Syria, calling it an attempt “to undermine the most successful Alliance in …

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The third coming of the prodigal Arseniy


The third coming of the prodigal son Arseny. Alexey Kurakin Date of publication: 26 August 2016, 14:35 For all this pre-holiday tinsel, loud propaganda of the various “Peremoga”, pathetic screech issued from the rusty fanfare, hidden in the shadows of mega-super-duper Trident, flags and embroidery have slipped past the attention …

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Samsung Galaxy Note7 was explosive


The latest flagship phablet Samsung Galaxy Note7, announced on 2 August and went on sale a few days ago, is fraught with considerable danger to the health of its owner. The first recorded case of the fire phone, which was caused by a problem with the power circuit. Samsung has …

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Our people


It’s nice when someone else gives you a helping hand, or has unexpected characters, or just wipes the nose of your enemies. In such a situation, it becomes immediately clear that this is “our people”. After the Paralympic national team of Russia was suspended in full strength from the Olympics …

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In Syria, nearly 5 thousand militants decided to surrender


The great success of the Syrian government and the centre for conciliation, nearly 5,000 militants decided to surrender. Today it became known the terms on which the insurgents in the suburb of Daraya has agreed to accept the surrender:: 1. The militants hand over all weapons to the Syrian troops. …

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