Tuesday , September 26 2017

Why the Russian woman has not gone to live in Italy


25-year-old Olga Kucherova considered Italy the country where you live: “after Spending some time in Italy, having already obtained the residence permit, I understand that it is not so. Initially perceived the country more open and friendly. Italy is very different, all have their regional features”. First visit to Italy …

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It’s time for racial equality in professional sports


  26.09.2017 Lowell Ponte (Lowell Ponte)   Last week a scandal erupted: star Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (Stephen Curry) refused to visit the White house together with his team, and the President, Donald trump suggested that professional athletes who don’t want to get up at the sound of the …

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Referendum the Kurds: the battle for oil and independence


Iraqi Kurdistan, which controls large reserves of oil, plans on 25 September to hold a referendum on independence. The vote will determine whether the region remains part of Iraq or secede in order to form a new independent state. This event can change the balance of power in the middle …

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Zuckerberg and Russian. Forgive me, America!


Mark Zuckerberg has lost rest and a dream. Russian blindly use “Facebook” and now the Creator of the network was faced with the unpleasant consequences: the us government threatens him with a sort of Chinese version of censorship.     M. Zuckerberg. The scenes video from “Facebook” (screenshot source) Mark …

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The Russia we lost


I’ll show you something from which hair stand on end. Among the endlessly dull and monotonous Russian villages are useless monuments of history. Jewels roll under your feet, but do not notice them, trample, and even just crap, using as a toilet. In the Tver region – hundreds of abandoned …

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